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Enclosing your backyard with a wood fence creates natural beauty and warmth. Pure Vinyl Fence is a top fencing contractor in Jacksonville, Florida. We fabricate cypress and pressure-treated pine fences that create a classic and sophisticated appearance. From a personal consultation to installation, we'll make your fencing dreams a reality.


  Cypress Fences
Wooden Fence - Wood Fence Jacksonville, FL

A cypress wood fence is a popular option because of its density and hardness. It contains the natural oil cypressine, which efficiently preserves wood over time.

Because of the additional strength that the preservative provides, cypress fences are resistant to: 

 Weather   Insects and Fungus           Mold and Mildew                     Rotting


Installing a fence with enhanced protective and durable qualities is low maintenance. For the best results, we stain and coat cypress wood with a water-repellent sealer.


  Pressure-treated Pine Fences



We install high quality pressure-treated pine wood fences that are durable and look good. Pressure-treated pine offers resistance to harsh outdoor elements and insects. It is long lasting and not prone to rotting. The benefit of installing a pressure-treated pine fence is its versatility. You can choose from various shapes and sizes and paint wood fences to match your landscape design. After installation is completed, one of our professionals can give you tips on what steps to take for maintaining the most impervious and resilient fence.


Pure Vinyl Fence in Jacksonville, Florida, is a premier fence manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler.
We offer superior wood fences, including cypress and pressure-treated pine. Contact us today for an estimate.
We install wood fences in Jacksonville, the Beaches, St. Augustine, Yulee, and Callahan.